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Usability Testing

There is simply no substitute for putting your designs-in-progress in front of real users to see if they can perform tasks. Usability testing is a well-established method for gathering this feedback in a structured way to drive design decisions. For medical devices, usability validation testing is required for regulatory approval, and must be conducted according to strict guidelines.

We have conducted hundreds of usability tests of everything from automobile navigation systems to financial websites to surgical devices. Beth is co-author of Moderating Usability Tests: Principles and Practices for Interacting with Joseph Dumas (Elsevier, 2008).

Result: Data-driven design decisions; improved user experience, safety, and competitive advantage

Types of Usability Tests:
  • Early prototype tests

  • Cognitive walkthroughs

  • Directional and preference tests

  • Formative usability tests

  • Baseline and benchmark tests

  • Remote usability tests

  • Summative usability tests for regulatory approval

  • Protocol development

  • Test planning

  • Participant recruitment & compensation

  • IRB submissions

  • Moderation and data collection

  • Data analysis and synthesis

  • Reporting

  • Design recommendations

  • A/V recording

  • Test protocols

  • Discussion guides

  • Recruiting screeners

  • IRB submissions

  • Test reports

  • Video recordings

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