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Design Research

Conducting design research at the start of a project is critical to discovering users’ needs, especially those that are unmet or unarticulated. While market research takes a macro view (understanding what features a product should have), design research takes an in-depth view to uncover how those features should be implemented and their priority levels. For medical devices, design research is required to document user profiles, use environments, and critical tasks.

Our team is well versed in asking the
5 Why's to discover what users actually need, which does not always line up with what they think they want. LHF helped many clients develop a comprehensive set of user requirements that drive their design and reduce time to market, resulting in a return on investment upwards of a hundredfold!
Exploration & Discovery
  • Contextual inquiry

  • One-on-one interviews

  • Remote interviews/observations

  • Focus groups

  • Buddy groups 

  • Diary studies

  • Online card sorting

  • User requirements

  • Personas

  • Product strategy

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