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Our services cover the entire product life cycle, from ideation and concept selection all the way to validation testing, reporting, and FDA submission. We’re here to support your path to success!
LHF manages all kinds of usability evaluations, from cognitive walkthroughs to formative usability tests to validation testing. 

We develop protocols and discussion guides, moderate sessions, collect and analyze data, report findings, and provide design recommendations. This is our bread and butter.
Usability Testing
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LHF provides design support in several categories: digital (UI and UX) design, instructional design, and ergonomics. 

So, not only are we capable of wireframes and labeling, we can conduct ergonomic analyses on physical products as well. 
There are a wide range of analyses needed to develop safe, effective, and user-friendly products. LHF can handle task analysis, use-related risk (URRA) analysis, known use problems analysis, gap analysis, and more. 

With our help, you can breeze through these roadblocks to product success. 
Human Factors Analyses
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Understanding regulatory guidance and international standards can be challenging. LHF has extensive experience submitting to regulatory agencies like the FDA (USA), MHRA (UK), and EMA (EU), and can help you implement Human Factors programs that meet those requirements.
Regulatory Advice
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The LHF team are experts in foundational user research. Using techniques such as contextual inquiry (ethnography), focus groups, and one-on-one interviews, we help clients truly understand their users, tasks, and environments.

Let us help you define and ideate from the very beginning. 
Design Research
One of our favorite things to do is teach people about human factors and usability. We provide custom training workshops ranging from brief “Lunch & Learns” to 2- or 3-day interactive workshops.

We can get your team up to speed on critical topics in human factors faster than ever.
Training & Workshops
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