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Meet our Team

Beth Loring
Founder and Principal Consultant

Beth is a certified human factors professional with over 30 years of experience in user research, product design, and usability engineering. Although she is passionate about the medical and healthcare space, she has worked in many other sectors including consumer products and software. Her expertise has led her to become a leader in the industry. 

In her opinion, there is no excuse for bad design, especially not in the medical and healthcare spaces, where the stakes are highest. 

Laurie Reed_edited_edited.jpg
Laurie Reed
Senior Director of Human Factors

Laurie has over 20 years of experience working as a human factors consultant across many verticals, with over 15 years focused specifically on medical devices, life sciences and healthcare products. She has worked on all stages of the human factors process, from creation of standard operating procedures to user research to testing and compliance.   
She has an extensive background in conducting user studies and a constant desire to understand human behavior and advocate for users. 

Hannah Cutright
Human Factors Engineer

Hannah is focused on designing and executing various research methods specific to each new project. Her familiarity with human-centered exploration, combined with her ability to quickly and efficiently learn about a new product or workflow, allows her to comprehend the unique needs of each new product and client. For Hannah, everyone’s ideas and perspectives are important and must be heard and taken into consideration, especially clients and end users. 

Jan Hemmelmann

Human Factors Engineer

Jan is responsible for leading a variety of projects from early concept generation work all the way to delivering full HFE reports. With extensive experience in the healthcare sector, Jan increasingly devotes his time to ensuring safety and creating enjoyable experiences in the field of Artificial Intelligence, SaMD and consumer products. He is an eternally curious person, with an eye for detail and an aptitude for learning new things quickly. 

Becky Lee
Becky Lee
Associate Human Factors Engineer

Becky has experience researching, designing, and testing consumer products, apps, transport services, and combination products. She is also passionate about inclusive design, ergonomics, and accessibility, advocating for greater understanding of users and their needs. 
In addition to usability testing, market research, data analysis, and reporting, she also brings UX/UI design capabilities to the team.  

Manisha Rajaghatta

Associate Human Factors Engineer

Manisha is passionate about user-centered design and testing, harmonizing her biomedical and systems engineering background with a passion for human factors and the user experience. 

At LHF, Manisha supports a variety of projects, mostly centered around medical device development and use related risk analysis. She seeks to ensure safety and efficacy of products, thus improving the quality of life for users and communities. 

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