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Below is a partial list of past clients, organized by industry, with the breadth of products and services we've worked on.


Consumer Products



Programmable thermostat; home heaters

Home theater remote controls

Handheld automotive diagnostic device

Table saw

Riding lawnmower, oven UIs

Breast pumps



Two-way radios; vehicle navigation system

Beverage holders

Emergency response systems for elders

PopShots camera

Multi-functional marine navigation display

Copy machine

Home network interaction UX

Multiple kitchen and cleaning appliances

Kitchen blender UI

Internet and Web

Website – B2C

Website – B2B


Website – B2B

Website – B2C

Websites – B2B and B2C

Website – B2B

Website – B2C

Websites – B2B and B2C



Website – B2C

Website and catalogues – B2B and B2C

Website – B2C

Website – B2C


Revit Architecture; Inventor

Data storage software

Operating system

Electronic medical record system




Discovery/exploratory in-home research

Conducted 50+ remote or in-home interviews with individuals with Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment related to Alzheimer's Disease and their caregivers over two years. Interviewees were participants in clinical trials for Cognito’s investigational medical device involving auditory and visual sensory stimulation. Interviews evaluated the user experience at three touch points during the 6- to 12-month study and covered topics such as the on-boarding experience, device ease of use and comfort, and challenges regarding incorporating the therapy into daily lives.  



Participated in iterative design and testing of a wireless wearable sensor for use by patients in the hospital. Spent two years embedded with the development team. Assisted with the industrial design of the sensor, adhesive liners, packaging, instructions for use (IFU) and quick start guide (QSG). Conducted six rounds of usability testing, led the development of the use-related failure modes and effects analysis (UFMEA), and prepared all HF/UE documentation for FDA and CE Mark regulatory submissions.


Medical device HF/UE training

Taught a two-day workshop on medical device usability to a multidisciplinary audience of engineers, program managers, marketers, developers, and designers. First day covered the medical device usability engineering process, HF/UE standards and regulations, and risk management. Second day covered usability testing including designing and conducting a mock test where participants practiced test moderation, note-taking, and data analysis skills.

Angiography touch screen UI

Previously led the conceptual design of the touch screen UI for a contrast delivery system used in angiography. Conducted an expert review of a competitor’s product, developed task flow diagrams, created screen templates, and managed the building of an interactive prototype. The design has been used for many years as the baseline for a family of products.


User research, UI design, instructional design, and usability testing 

Acted as account manager for a series of eight projects for Philips Lifeline Systems. Redesigned the installation instructions and user manuals for two Lifeline products, and conducted several rounds of usability testing of the new documents in elders’ homes. Supported the design of a new product by gathering feedback from 60 elders on the ergonomics and industrial design, and assisted with the voice prompts, display messaging, and LED sequences. Completed the project by conducting two rounds of usability testing in elders’ homes to validate ease of use.


“Life of an Order”

Managed a large customer research effort for Staples’ office supply delivery service. Research included contextual inquiries at customers’ workplaces in Boston and Los Angeles, focus groups in those cities, and visioning sessions with key internal stakeholders. The team documented the various stages of the delivery process, from ordering via catalog and website to delivery and invoicing, through customers’ eyes. Project culminated in a multi-media presentation incorporating actionable findings, customer quotes, video clips and photos. Staples used the results to improve their delivery service. A case study was published in Understanding Your Users: A Practical Guide to User Requirements by Courage and Baxter (Morgan Kaufmann, 2005).


Arthroscopy procedure

Worked closely with the client team and a design researcher to conduct an international ethnographic study in operating theaters (ORs). Observed and interviewed a large number of surgeons with various experience levels at different types of institutions as they performed arthroscopic procedures. Documented time-stamped workflows, video highlights, instrument exchanges, pain points, and unmet needs. Client used these outputs to educate internal teams and identify new product opportunities.


Patient-controlled analgesic syringe

Conducted interviews in Boston-area hospitals with the goal of understanding the path analgesic syringes take within the hospital, including purchasing, pharmacy inventory, storage, and usage in various hospital departments. The output was a report that included hospital profiles, descriptions of the syringes’ path, user needs, and design recommendations. The results helped Baxter make strategic decisions about device design, packaging, and labeling.


Home network user interface

Led a team to develop the UI identity for Samsung’s line of networked consumer products. Managed consumer research consisting of in-home interviews and focus groups in the US and Korea. Served as lead author of the research report which identified user profiles, user needs, vision statements, and UI design recommendations. Hosted a two-week workshop with the Samsung team to develop the conceptual model and information architecture for the user interface. Was lead author on the final deliverables, including Interaction Design Guidelines and a multimedia presentation given to Samsung Electronics’ senior management in Seoul.


Multiple injection devices

Managed formative and summative (validation) usability tests for a range of Pfizer's injection devices. Worked closely with the client and HF team on the protocols, moderator's guides, and reports. Provided expert advice regarding an FDA response letter.

BERETTA, s.p.a.

Programmable thermostat

Co-designed a new interface for a programmable thermostat for home heating units in Europe and the UK. Conducted ride-alongs with installers in Italy and the UK, analyzed ergonomics, and helped design the GUI. Conducted usability testing with consumers and reported results. Beretta replaced their UI with our design.


Drug delivery device

Managed and conducted multiple formative and summative (validation) usability tests for AcelRx's sublingual drug delivery device. Worked closely with the client and HF team on the protocols, moderator's guides, and reports. Provided recommendations on the GUI design, hardware design, instructions for use, and training materials. Reviewed FDA responses and ultimately conducted a usability validation study at a simulation center with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and 'patients.'


Veterinary analyzers & desktop software

Conducted several separate projects for IDEXX. Led field research at veterinary clinics and developed a comprehensive UI style guide for all of their products (touch screens, desktop applications, and web pages) to improve consistency and usability across their product lines. Conducted field research with industrial designers for the development of a new chemistry analyzer that became the Catalyst DX. Conducted expert heuristic reviews of their LaserCyte and VetStation GUIs. Led usability testing of their VetStation user interface with veterinarians and vet techs.


Two-way radio interface

Led a project to assess Motorola’s UI design for two-way radios used in public safety. Managed the effort to create an interactive prototype and led usability testing of the prototype with fire fighters, EMTs and police officers. Made design recommendations to improve usability.

In-vehicle navigation & information system

Worked with client on a multi-year series of projects to design and implement the visual and speech recognition interfaces for an in-vehicle navigation and information system. Conducted usability testing of interactive prototypes of the system, and made recommendations for design improvements.


Portable blood chemistry analyzer

Provided expert human factors and usability engineering guidance to help the project team develop required HF/UE documentation for their design history file. Documents included the UE plan, use specification, UFMEA, and V&V plans. Also conducted a formative usability test of the instrument and provided a report with design recommendations.


Website evaluation & testing

Conducted expert reviews and usability tests of a multitude of Web products and services for a variety of companies (loan applications, financial services, travel sites, e-commerce, portals, intranets, B2B sites, and educational sites). Led testing in cities around the US, with one study conducted in Spanish using a bilingual moderator and translator. Managed the projects, and developed the test protocols, scripts, and questionnaires. Responsible for data analysis and reporting, including design recommendations and highlight videos.

Philips Lifeline
Instrumentation Lab
Johnson & Johnson
Philps Conneced Sensing
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