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Advocating for an Intuitive World

Meet our world-class team of experts in human factors engineering, usability research, and intuitive design.

Who is LHF?
Loring Human Factors (LHF) is a top tier consultancy, specializing in healthcare and medical devices. We have helped countless device manufacturers navigate the regulatory process to achieve successful FDA and CE Mark submissions.
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Our team consists of experts that have worked in Human Factors (HF) for years, particularly on medical devices, life sciences, healthcare, and consumer products. We understand what it takes to satisfy the Human Factors expectations of regulatory bodies and can help you create devices that are safe, intuitive, and improve the user experience. With our help, you can achieve success in local and global markets.
Meet Our Team and Discover Our Services

How LHF Supports Clients

Our job is to support you on the path to success. Whether that means successfully obtaining FDA approval for a robust, vigorous Human Factors (HF) process; conducting thorough research that identifies pain points, improvement opportunities, and unforeseen risks; or designing safe, intuitive products, we have you covered.

Here are some statistics on why a rigorous Human Factors process is necessary for medical device submissions and why clients want to work with our team:

Who have we worked with? What have we done?

From self-driving cars to robotic surgery, from wearable biosensors to combination devices, from infusion systems to blood chemistry analyzers, we’ve done it all! Our services are customized to meet each client’s needs and specific challenges.
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