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UI/UX Design

We have decades of experience helping companies develop user-friendly, safe, and effective user interfaces – from consumer products to software, websites, kiosks, handhelds, and surgical systems. We follow an organized and iterative design process that starts with understanding users' needs, engages users in testing prototypes of increasing fidelity, and results in a UI design specification ready for implementation.
In the case of medical devices, the user interface includes all aspects of the system with which users or patients interact. These include the hardware, software, documentation, labeling, and training. We can help.

Result: Well-designed products that are intuitive and succeed in the marketplace. 

  • Information architecture

  • User experience design

  • GUI design

  • Mobile app design

  • IA diagrams

  • Screen flows

  • Wireframes

  • InVision prototypes

  • User interface specifications

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