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Exploratory Research

Conducting design research at the start of a project is critical to understanding your users’ needs, especially those that are unmet or unarticulated. Where market research takes the macro view - understanding what features a product should have - design research takes an in-depth view to uncover how those features should be implemented. For medical devices, design research is required to document user profiles, use environments, and critical tasks.

Result: A comprehensive set of user requirements that drive design and reduce time to market - the return on investment can be hundredfold!

  • Contextual inquiry (ethnography)

  • In-depth interviews

  • Remote interviews/observations

  • Focus groups

  • Buddy groups

  • Diary studies

  • Video ethnography

  • Online card sorting

  • A/V recording

​ Deliverables:
  • User requirements

  • Workflow mapping

  • Customer journey maps

  • Personas

  • Task analysis

  • Product strategy 

  • Video recordings

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